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Products in the Undaunted.Design Contrado shop.

In lieu of big licensing contracts with high street shops and major wholesalers I decided to give a little tlc to my Contrado shop. I haven’t had the shop for very long and there’s always a bit of learning curve with every new platform that you encounter. But compared to some others that I’ve tried it’s actually not that bad. As always there are a few quirks and glitches in the uploading and editing process, but after you have designed a couple of products it becomes pretty clear which steps to take and how to avoid frustrations.

Viking Knotwork Collection cushions.

I really enjoy creating collections, and I base them on how I myself prefer to do my shopping. Rather than stuffing tons of different types of products with the same artwork in collections I try to break it up a bit and use more logical groupings. So far I’ve focused on home décor and kitchen products. If the shop takes off I may work on developing pattern collections specifically with Contrado in mind.

One of my fabric designs available from Contrado.

At the time of writing I have uploaded 100 different seamless repeats to be sold on fabric. If you are an art director or looking to commission a bespoke design you can look at this as a portfolio of sorts showcasing some of the work I have created up until now. If you would like a chat you can contact me using this form.