Home décor trends 2022


This post is mostly about what is still sticking around rather than what is super new and trendy. I’m relying heavily on Pinterest Predicts here because of all the trend prediction facilities out there it’s one of the most reliable, we know that it is based on millions of keyword searches.

Maximalism – “More is More”

Indian Pineapple Floral on Charcoal Grey by Marit Cooper

Maximalism isn’t new, it’s been around and come around regularly for centuries, millennia even. Baroque, to my mind, is a kind of Maximalism. And no, it’s not kitsch, but they may be close cousins. Maximalism, when it’s done well, is the fine art of being over the top without being chaotic. As with all styles and trends the term may mean one thing to me and something entirely different to you – but one designer that I think does Maximalism beautifully is Emma Shipley.

Burcu Korkmazyurek is another designer who’s exuberant florals fit well within a maximalist scheme.

A personality who absolutely embodies the fine art of Maximalism is Iris Apfel.
If anything, it’s bold, brave and life affirming! Bright colours, over sized patterns and gilded accessories, beautifully curated collections of strange and fascinating objects.


Vintage Astrology Zodiac Wheel by Marit Cooper

It’s not new, but it seems to be sticking around a while yet; stars, moons, suns, galaxies, astrology, everything related to the heavens .
According to Pinterest Predicts 2022 search terms like Star-themed party has gone up 140% and Moon wedding dress is up by 180%, so clearly there is still a demand for this. Patternbank cites it as a trend for A/W 2022.


Ancestral Mothers by Marit Cooper

According to Pinterest Predicts “Biophilic design bedroom” searches have gone up by 100%. Personally I find this trend very appealing and creatively inspiring. I have written an article here about my explorations into our changing relationship with the plant kingdom. I also put together a very green Pinterest board for inspiration. As always, we can take away different things from trends, and so we should. The world clearly doesn’t need an endless procession of llamas and sloths indistinguishable from one another. We crave newness and originality and that is what will make you successful as an artist and designer.